Ken Turner

Ken Turner is an award-winning short film director who currently works as a independent animator and freelance illustrator.
He graduated from the BAA Animation program in 2007 at Sheridan College.  During which he collaborated on a short film called “Umbrella Boy”, which won 2nd place at the Ottawa Animation Film Festival in 2006.  Later that year he directed his first 2D animated group short film, “Attack of the Giant Vegetable Monsters”.  It would go on to win the 2008 Jackson Hole/ Cowboy Award for Best Animation. In 2007 he directed his final film and first stop motion animated short film, “TiM”, which was a homage to his favorite film director Tim Burton.  In Feb 2011, “TiM” was an official selection and an animation night selection at the LES (Lower East Side) Film Festival in New York, NY.  Ken has worked as a character designer and animator for various studios such as C.O.R.E Toons (Iggy Arbuckle), Cookie Jar Entertainment, 9 Story Entertainment/Nelvana (My Friend Rabbit, Spliced) and Cuppa Coffee Studios (Ugly Americans).

In 2009 he self published his first book called “A Night at the Movies”, which is a surreal take on the communal experience of going to a theatre to see films. Then in Feb and May 2010 he self published his second and third illustrated humor books called “Eye Candy Volume #1: The Village Idioms” and “Eye Candy Volume #2: Apples and Idioms.”  In October 2010 he made a mini comic entitled “The World of Snowboy and Crow” about the misadventures of boy made from snow and his friend a crow.  In 2011, he is working on a new illustrated book and animated short film under the title, Henry: The Heart Boy.

His illustrative and film work has been featured on the front pages of The Toronto Star, Cartoon Brew, DRAWN!, IMDB, Tim Burton Collective and SlashFilm.

Ken currently lives in Toronto, Canada, where he enjoys making films and sleeping.


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